Hiya folks. Or random visitors. Well I just happened to write up a blog post since I am bored. Well yeah, you might think I’m a really busy person. Well I preoccupy myself with all sorts of things. It’s safe to assume that blogging is not one of them. I hate writing, yes I do. I’m a logical/mathematical person, and I hate it when I’m forced to write, or even think sentences. Give me a sentence limit, and I’ll be out of my mind. Haha.

Christmas is around the corner, well less than forty-seven hours. And it’s also my birthday. Yep. Special as you might think, it has a disadvantage: we only receive one gift. Two in one. Okay, now where’s my other gift? 🙂

I may be attending a Christmas party later this day. Finally I get outside the internet. Haha!


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