Plants vs. Zombies: How to get the Sunny Days achievement

I cleared the Sunny Days achievement just recently, so yeah, I think I have to share. As far as I know, the Sunny Days achievement is an iPhone-only achievement. The requirement is for the player to get 8000 sun in a single level. Just get 8000 sun, and you win. 😀 Sounds easy, right? No. (Just look at the pool post I added.) Or so I thought.

Thinking about it, it might be a good idea to get it at the easiest level, level 1-1. If you have unlocked Quick Play mode, you can play it there. On further thinking, it might be easier to get sun over hard levels with longer duration. “Is it not possible on level 1-1?”, I thought. Let’s see.

It might be a good idea to buy the twin sunflower first.

What you’ll need:

  • Sunflower (+ Twin sunflower)
  • Peashooter (remember the power estimation?)
  • Garlic

The idea is to plant garlic at the front of lanes 1, 3 and 5 (remember the garlic strategy?) and plant peashooters at the back of lanes 2 and 4. (This is to maximize the space between the peashooter and the zombies. Responsiveness isn’t important here, a peashooter at the back will kill the most zombies, right?)

And then, plant sunflowers everywhere else. 😀

Now for the details. Try to plant three sunflowers all in the same lane in a garlic (non-zombie) lane. Then the first zombie should appear. Plant your peashooter in the lane wherever the zombie is. If the zombie is not in a zombie lane, plant a garlic first to divert it. Continue planting the sunflowers and the other plants. Try not to plant any sunflowers in the zombie lanes first until you fill the non-zombie lanes with sunflowers. After the non-zombie lanes are filled, fill the zombie lanes with sunflowers from back to front.

What to do while the zombies are eating my sunflowers?

It’s actually a good idea to bring explosive plants (cherry bomb, jalapeno and squash) with you. They will take out the zombies plus they don’t eat space (hence the non-inclusion of the doom-shroom). As it doesn’t take space too, taking pumpkins with you is also a good idea. But try not to plant them frequently, as you know they decrease your sun.

See my recent post for some screen captures on how to clear this achievement.


43 thoughts on “Plants vs. Zombies: How to get the Sunny Days achievement

  1. Tony

    Just tried this one, using pretty much this exact strat, got to 3k. Googled and hit this first. Guess i just didn’t plant fast enough 🙂

      1. Tony

        Yeah, I tried again after writing this one, and got 9990 which apparently is the max you can get. It’s possible to get limitless sun if the last zombie alive goes down a row where nothing is shooting at it, and you have a pumpkin or potatoe you can just keep replacing in front of him.

        1. Kirō-kun Post author

          Good to hear! 😀

          Actually you can’t have unlimited sun, you can just lengthen the duration so you can get more sun. 😀 It’s because the zombie will walk at least one step before you plant another plant, so the zombie would eventually get to the end.

          1. Tony

            Actually there is a limit, around 10k, and you can keep the zombie there forever by replanting pumpkin shells over top of each other or potatoes… This is the iPhone version, I’m guessing you’re talking about the other version 🙂

                1. Jim

                  The way i beat every PvZ level is to plant 2 rows of sunflowers at the back and place potato mines and squash on the 3rd space of whichever row the zombie is coming into. This way, you can build up your whole row of sunflowers at the beginning and u never hafta worry about it again.Here, what you need to do is the same thing, but start on the 2nd row with your sunflowers. The plants you should get (assuming u have 9 seed slots and the imitator plant) are: tall nuts, frozen peas, sunflowers, twin sunflowers, potato mines, squash, cherry bombs, jalapenos, and use your imitator on the tall-nut. If u dont have 9 slots, i would take out the jalapenos, and if you dont have the imitator, you’ll live. You build up your sunflowers and twin sunflowers first and use potato mines and squash as emergency uses. Then just set up frozen peas on THE FIRST ROW ONLY this is extremely important as 2 rows will kill the zombies too quickly (I found this out when i got 7875 suns). You now have 1 row of frozen peas and 5 rows of sunflowers (try to have 10 or more twin sunflowers). Right after the last row of sunflowers, plant tall-nuts. Leave the last two rows open, as zombies will take a longer time to get to the tall-nuts if they are farther back. Only use the explosive plants at the very beginning, so you dont kill the zombies too quickly. Also, you do not need garlic or pumpkins to get this achievement, nor do you really need to plant a row of tall-nuts in front of the last zombie. I GUARANTEE this will work the FIRST TIME! good luck! 😛

  2. Colin

    I looked this up and food an adjustment that made this super easy. Mak sure you have a wallnut in your set. When you get to the last zombie delete the garlic and plant the walnut. The sun will keep coming as long as you keep this zombie alive keep building a new walnut and you’ll be done in no time!

  3. Katto

    Thank you ver much!! This really works. I played it on the quick play (day time) mode. And the max that I can get is also 9990.

  4. zarbicore

    Tried this on level 1-2, easy as hell.

    I planted only one peashooter in lanes 2 and 4, and garlic blocked the rest.

    I reinforced my peashooters with pumpkins and planted the cheap walnuts in front of them as much as possible. When things got too crazy I bombed the zombies.

    3 rows full of sun flowers and upgrading sunflowers when I could worked so easily, I hit it before the final wave

  5. Morto

    worked like a charm, 9990 sun on 1-1 and i love at the last wave how there are so many zombies i had to use double pea shooters on one lane, i didnt care about how much more sun i could get, i want the coin, even if it is a measly 50

  6. Socks

    Just did this on the new Steam Game of the Year version – level 1-1! Worked like a charm! Thanks so much!

  7. Monthy

    iTouch version, level 1-1… it worked! 😀
    I did something else than putting only garlic and a pair of peashotters, but it worked 🙂 thank you so much ^^
    Let me share my strategy with you… you may like it 🙂
    P= Peashooter
    G= Garlic
    T= Tall wall nut
    S= Sunflower
    D= Twin Sunflower
    NOTE: I removed 2 peashooters (from each line) during the last wave and all of them when there was only 1 zombie at the last wave.

    PPPT T
    PPPT T

    1. Monthy

      Sorry, it wasn’t well-written 😦 the position was this: (_means nothing)

  8. Sonya

    I achieved this on my PC version on level 1-7 (with crazy
    Dave selecting 3 of my plants. I did it without the garlic, and
    without stalling the last zombie – it fact I had achieved it about
    3/4th of the way through the level. I used the sunflower, twin
    sunflower, potato mine, snow pea (since it slows down the zombies,
    it gives you the time you need), squash, the tall-nut, and the
    pumpkin. I planted the snow peas on the far left, using the potato
    mines and squashes as emergency measures when needed. Then I had 5
    columns of sunflowers, replacing them as quick as possible with the
    twin sunflowers, and then a row of tall-nuts, with the 2 furthest
    right columns staying empty as the zombies approached. It got a bit
    chaotic at the end in terms of keeping a barrier in place, but this
    was after getting the achievement. I still completed the level by
    replacing some sunflowers with a 2nd row of snow peas, and the
    occasional kernel-pult that Crazy Dave had selected.

  9. Kerri Hoy

    Acctually youdon’t have to play it on an iphone because i
    have it on my computer and i have that acheivment that’swhy i
    looked this up and now im telling you and if you want to know how
    to discover the yeti zombie replay the adventure mode and you
    should find him on level 4-10 to kill him just wait until he drops
    3-5 dimonds and then you can kill him and to enable the mustache
    mode on any screen that you are playing on just type in mustache
    you can also do this with future Peace, Love, Looks- KNHoy

  10. Connor

    This way sounds more fun but an easy way to get the
    achievement is play Zombiquarium and just don’t click on the
    trophy, just keep collecting sun.

  11. Justin

    This is mad easy to do on ANY level! Just make sure you get sunflower and double sunflower both walls and the pumpkin and any damage shooter u want and the squash and 1-2 explode plants cherry spudow or chile pepper up to u. Strategy is : Build 4 rows of sun and 2 rows of guns in every row except the last row which you put in every space a wall with a pumpkin on it. The idea is to delay this one row until you collect leisurly 8K in sun. Can be done on almost every level this way without cheating with the trophy in zombiquarium cause thats a hack u loser :0

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  13. Willster

    I found the best way to get this is to do the Starfruit mini game, super easy bc the game dosen’t end until you fill all the stars with starfruit, so just leave one unoccupied until you have all the sun you need.

  14. Traith

    8000 sun… Zombaquarium, didnt’ think it would work as it seems like something you should have to do in a level, but worked just fin.

  15. Aidan Wen

    No! The max you can get is as big as it will say. You plant sunflowers only in the non-zombie lanes. As soon as the last zombie is only there,plant a pumpkin and dig out all the attackers. Replant the pumpkin while collecting sun. Once you get the achievement(or longer),you plant the peashooter and that is it!

  16. Clay stanley

    Has anyone won the “shooting star achievement”. If so, how did you do it? I can’t seem to get enough suns to buy enough stars before the first flag. Errr!

  17. A Reyes

    Thank you, got it on the first try using this strategy, having been trying to get this forever ..

  18. Kyndl

    The easiest way to do this (sunny days achievement) is play the zombie nimble game and make sure you have sunflowers and the double sunflowers tall nuts lilly pads and cattails and make sure you buy a rake
    plant the sunflowers as fast as you can making sure you plant some lilly pads and catails along the way then double the sunflowers and make lots of rows of walnuts and tallnuts and you will reach it before the last flag


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