Plants vs. Zombies Game of the Year Edition released and screen shots for Sunny Days

Plants vs. Zombies Game of the Year Edition has recently been released. This version is essentially a patched up version of the game with new achievements and the Zombatar. When you create a Zombatar, you will see your Zombatar appear on your lawn. It seems like PopCap replaced the appearance of Dancing Zombie along with his dancers due to some issues. 😀 Well, I saw the achievements available for my iPod version in it, so yes, those were carried over too, along with the new achievements. That includes your favorite post in my blog, How to get the Sunny Days achievement. So today, I decided to post some screenies of me completing the requirements for Sunny Days. (I used my iPod as it has Quick Play mode. If you have the desktop version, you’ll have to look up a similar minigame, survival mode, or take a risk and do it in Adventure mode.)

My plants are sunflower, imitator sunflower, twin sunflower, pumpkin, garlic, peashooter, squash, jalapeno and cherry bomb.

As you can see, I started planting sunflowers in the first and third rows. I killed the first zombie using a squash. Remember delay?

Further delaying by placing a pumpkin up front.

Filling up the fire lanes with… guess what… still sunflowers. Well I have an imitator sunflower, so that should be filled up soon.

3,000 mark. It may not be seen in these screen captures but I’m also using the three “explosives” I brought: the squash, the jalapeno, and the cherry bomb.

Hitting the 8,000 mark. See? It’s possible.

Hitting the limit, 9,990.

As I saw around the interwebs, they use the minigame Seeing Stars to clear this achievement, and with a good justification too: the zombies are weak and the game doesn’t end unless you want it to (i.e. plant the last startfruit). Survival: Endless is okay, too.

I have no idea my blog post ranks first in a Google search for “sunny days plants vs zombies.” Try it!


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