Plants vs. Zombies: How to get the Blind Faith achievement

Well, I think I’m not really that good when it comes to nighttime and fog levels, but I sure can do above average on Adventure mode. Blind Faith requires a level to be cleared without using any planterns or blowers, in other words, the fog must be there. Also, it requires an extremely foggy level, which I think is around levels 8-9, where only 3 columns can be seen clearly.

I played in level 4-8 quick play mode. (The one with the picture of the pogo zombie. Guess who’ll we expect?) Again, for those who have the desktop version, you’ll have to find a similar play mode.

I have 9 slots. My plants are sunflower, sun-shroom, imitator sun-shroom, starfruit, lily pad, potato mine, squash, ice-shroom and hypno-shroom. How did I come up with this setup? You may notice that I didn’t choose the 0-sun puff-shroom. It’s because it has limited offense, and where else can you plant a puff-shroom? It’d just end up in the fog. Well, that’s my opinion anyway, but I went for the big offense. Whatever plant it is, it must be a plant you can put your blind faith on. Enter the starfruit. I originally chose starfruit because I thought the quick play mode before 4-8 was an extremely foggy level, and it has digger zombies in it. Well it will also be useful here, since the pogo zombie skips over plants, and the starfruit fires backwards. Another reason I chose starfruit is the way it fires; plant a group of starfruits anywhere and they may be able to defend themselves and your pool. In fact, you can place them in a completely random manner and it might still work! (Although you have to plant then in an educated manner.)

The starfruit is not really that suitable in night conditions due to its somewhat high sun demands. I thought I also needed to maximize my sun production, hence the selection of three sun-producing plants. It may be hard to deploy sunflowers at the start of the game so I chose not to imitate a sunflower. My plan is to fill the first four columns of my pool with these plants. Yes, the ones without the fog, including the one partly already in it. No, I’m not crazy, well let’s just say that’s my style on these kinds of setups. Besides, you might enjoy even just a little more effectiveness the starfruits will give.

Notice that the fog does not have 0% visibility, you are able to see through the fog at the front of the pool. This may not be easily noticeable in the ‘big screen’ versions (I don’t know how it looks on the iPad), but it’s definitely visible in my iPod, maybe due to the reduction in the screen size.

Again, I chose the potato mine as my mode of delay, since I currently hate the puff-shroom right? You might already know this but the potato mine is the second cheapest plant next to the puff-shroom. Besides, you can’t take out a conehead with just one puff-shroom. And with choosing the potato mine comes a consequence: you have to stay alert for zombies passing through the “fog hole” in the front of the pool so that you know where to plant the potato mines.

The other plants, squash, hypno-shroom and ice-shroom are your instant helpers. Once your sun production flourishes, you can plant them on the fog either randomly, to the front (so that you’ll have space to plant starfruits at the back), or near an attacking zombie (for the squash and hypno-shroom) to help eradicate the zombies. The ice-shroom also particularly helps against pogo zombies.


3 thoughts on “Plants vs. Zombies: How to get the Blind Faith achievement

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  2. John

    Wow this actually worked, I can’t believe it. I had to use up two lawn mowers early though, but it worked so well!


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