Plants vs. Zombies – How to get the Shooting Star achievement

Complete Seeing Stars before the first flag zombie appears.

So, I cleared this achievement a week or two ago, and I thought I’d share. For this achievement, I really don’t have any methodologies to share this with. Why? Because admittedly, this achievement is really, really hard! Instead, I’ll provide you with some tips on how to achieve it.

The sunflower, starfruit and imitater problem

First off, I’m gonna say this achievement is almost impossible without the Imitater. If you haven’t, buy it before even trying to do this achievement.

Why? Because this level needs an awful lot of sunflowers and starfruit. Now, the problem becomes what plant should we imitate-the sunflower or the starfruit? For this question I can give a definite answer-or rather, I can give the answer which got me the achievement-which is starfruit.

Throughout your play, just put sunflowers everywhere they can be placed. Of course plant them in the back first to avoid the zombies eating them right off the bat. So that’s another general tip: distance is a weapon: the longer the zombies have to walk to get to your plants, the more fire they will take from your plants.

The third row

You should be able to protect your third row really well, because most of it (6) are slots for the starfruit. Prioritize placing a blocker in front of this lane, as when a zombie penetrates this lane without you planting many starfruit yet, you may be in big trouble. Early in the game, reserve a slot at the back of the starfruit slots in it, and fill it in only if you’re confident the zombies will not get through it anymore.

The explosives

In the matter of trying to get this achievement in a small window, it is crucial to bring with you explosives for one-time use that will be sufficient enough for the pre-first wave zombies. The rationale for this is because basically, you’ll want to maximize the number of your sunflowers and starfruit. Basic principle for this achievement. Recommended plants are the potato bomb and the squash. The other, more expensive explosives are not recommended, as they will just eat off your sun instead of your would-be next starfruit.

In addition, make sure to get a shovel. ‘Nuff said.


As stated, you have to maximize the field for your sunflowers and starfruit. Counter-intuitively (or not?), a recommended plant for the blocker role would be the pumpkin – as it blocks the zombies while not taking up additional space. Get an extra blocker-say wallnut-wait, there is no other suitable blocker-if you’re in doubt. The reason I said that is because, as already explained earlier, the others will just eat off your precious sun. Reminder: prioritize putting a blocker on your third row.

The right balance

Okay, this is the hardest part. You plant sunflowers, starfruit, sunflowers, starfruit, but when do you plant them? Do you plant more sunflowers first before planting starfruit? Or do you want to plant more starfruit first? You have to find the right balance for planting sunflowers and starfruit in order to complete this achievement.

And that’s just all the tips I can give. Good luck!


One thought on “Plants vs. Zombies – How to get the Shooting Star achievement

  1. Des

    As above, except all you need are; star, imitated star, sunflower, and garlic. I also bought the rake (takes out first zombie). It doesn’t matter if one zombie gets through to lawn mower so long as you don’t lose more than a single sunflower. Get planting sunflowers; you should have at least 5 before you plant your first star in row 3 in the middle lane. Keep adding to that lane and if a zombie comes along it stick a garlic at the front. You shouldn’t need anything other than this strategy.


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