January 2, 2014

Ren! You’re the best! Thanks to Sei too for bringing Ren back!

Still waiting for the internet connection to speed up. Yesterday before I slept I was so happy I made the guest login of my project work with Socket.IO. I just love how this whole thing called Socket.IO was made and its simplicity. No, don’t take that as a complete praise—as someone who likes to look up at API methods like a proper MSDN freak, I’m still frustrated by its lack of documentation.

I love how I did so many productive things today. Finish Dramatical Murder, progress on my project… just… Facebook. Hehe.

Today’s internet connection though was enough to give way to a few games of League. I only play League to get first win bonus IP. I practiced Yorick on Coop vs. AI and emerged to be the top dog at level 15, despite Nunu mercilessly killing off the AI opponents. On ARAM I managed to do well as LeBlanc. As before, I still suck at LeBlanc, but at the least I felt like I was not dragging my teammates down.


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