January 4, 2013

Man, I slept at about 8:30 am and I felt very sleepy. So I took a short nap before midnight.

Just now at the usual League. I played and practiced Urgot. I chose AP attacker masteries and bought Mejai’s. Only to find out Urgot scales with AD. Darn. Anyway, I was really ticked off when Xin stole my jungle at the single-monster jungle camp (the new one)… I really hate it when others intentionally grab at your kill which is unnaturally convenient for them to be right there waiting, huh, instead of going their own business and finding another camp. Well in the first place he was there looking for the golem when it’s already indicated in the minimap that it already wasn’t there. What a noob. Lame. I didn’t get a chance to report him though when PVP.net crashed. 😦

And at ARAM, I played too as Urgot. Having first-hand experience, it was really helpful spamming Q and rushing Manamune. I did advise my teammates though to get magic resist items since all of the enemies’ champions are mages. I guess warning them a second time convince them enough. Most players in my country won’t do that though, and focus on their stinking build. And that includes a Janna in my team. I reported her: In any cases like this, anyone who doesn’t get a magic resist item gets reported by yours truly. No need to thank me.

I know it was a bit too early but I just had to put these thoughts somewhere. I still have slow internet connection as far as I have observed. F*ck my ISP.


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