January 6, 2014

So yesterday I wasn’t able to blog two things. First is that I had the chance to listen carefully and understand the song Mukaiawase by Porno Graffiti. I usually just get Japanese songs in my playlist and get to memorize them but do not understand them fully, unless I translate them. So there’s that, I listened to it the other day and it was mainly directed to the second person, and I felt it striking. And now that I started this project I can now shamelessly plug that I have translated that now in the Lyrics section. The other thing is that I bit my tongue accidentally on the way home while I was asleep (that woke me up). And now I can say how they felt in Shingeki no Kyojin. Most of the mass of my tongue slid right through my teeth, but at a certain point it got stuck due to the lack of matter, and that’s where my teeth bit. The pain of the compressed tissue still remains on my tongue. It hurt.

Enough of yesterday. Today I was about to blog that it was very unproductive. Still having a slow internet connection, I played Dramatical Murder, specifically Mink’s bad end, Ren’s bad end, and Virus and Trip’s end—thus officially clearing the game. I browsed through the staff notes. Each of the staff has a congratulatory message to the player, and they were of different formats—text, images and Flash content.

Then we watched Wolverine. That’s until the loud siren arrived.

Then I slept.

At League I started Coop vs. AI practicing Gangplank. Then I had very bad luck on ARAM, having lost two games. I cooled down my frustration a bit with Coop vs. AI Intermediate, but I was not saved by Kayle’s freaking slow.

And at last, the productive part! I was able to make the join room part of my project work! Here’s to more productivity! And then there’s work later this day.


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