January 11, 2014

Kudos to those noobs who have shown me a bad experience at League. You have proven that this country is full of greedy and prideful bastards. And now for the awarding!

Lee Sin, who laned with me at early game and denied me every creep and champion kill, and even the dragon, receives the Unskilled Player award!

Miss Fortune, who laned with mid with Ziggs and along with Ziggs denied me jungle kills, receives the Refusing to Communicate With the Team award!

Ziggs, who denied me champion kills and jungle kills, receives the Negative Attitude award!

But seriously, there is no merit in doing this. Instead of intently denying your lane partner a champion kill and going for a last hit, why can’t you be just be hell-bent in killing that champion in the first place? And denying jungle kills is bad for your jungler and overall, your teamwork. It shows. Your lack thereof, of course.

Not much to say for today, pretty much wrapped up the work given to me. My workmate though does not have an idea what LESS is, or rather, that a Bootstrap theme can be created without having to go through LESS—at least that’s what I know for now. And among us in the team, I think only I have a copy—in fact, several copies—of a LESS compiler—they’re included in my recent node.js projects.

Well I just did a simple copy-and-paste of my RaiNetJS compile code and voila! LESS compiler, check. Jade compiler, check. Instant awesome. (I did a fresh npm install of jade, less and q though.)


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