January 15, 2014

So internet got fixed some time this evening. I was really worried that my workmates will notice I was missing.

I was able to play League just after I posted the last blog post so I don’t really have any motivation to do it again.

Ugh, my body started to take 1 am naps now. It’s because of the neighbors playing some loud music. Or movies. It’s just really annoying. If ever there’s still a quiet place in the world, please take me there.

I got to watch the first episode of Nisekoi and I’ve got to say it’s got to be the best anime this season. What with the smooth and innocent voice of Ichika being there. But wait, there’s more. ClariS. Freaking ClariS, man! Plus plus plus one star. Let me count, that’s ten stars, man! Although I’ve got to admit, their high-pitched voices already make my 22-year-old ears bleed.


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