January 20, 2014

Nah, I pretty much just blogged the last one! I slept at about midnight and woke up at 8, for a complete 8-hour sleep. 🙂

As usual, it was very laggy at League. I only intended to play once but that game didn’t make the first win—only 3 minutes were remaining! I can just about laugh off in those two games how slow they were at leveling up. Ugh.

At the restaurant, I guess I have to tell about the story of how I saved an entire pond of fish. I removed a cigarette butt from the pond.

My aunt gave me a thousand bucks!

Smoking should really be banned at public utility vehicle terminals. But I guess the good government can’t implement that because they still suck at implementing the law they made banning smoking in the vehicles themselves. Ugh.

Man, it’s so cold! It’s 22 degrees!


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