January 26, 2014

I woke up without anybody in the house. I didn’t take any lunch. Up until 6 pm there still was nobody so I took out the bread container and spreads and ate some bread.

For the whole day I was playing Sudeki, while the neighbors won’t stop singing karaoke. Until now that I have finished playing the daily League, they’re still doing it.

At League I played Coop vs. AI and ARAM as Twitch. There’s nothing new now playing Twitch on Coop vs. AI to me, so on to ARAM. It was very hard. There was this initiator Malphite who kept intercepting me at every turn. I thought it would be a good idea to shut down their tanks early so I intended to buy an early Last Whisper. It became a Sanguine Blade instead, and what surprised me is that it was very easy to recharge my health using that item. I was able to build Last Whisper and Phantom Dancer after that and we won.

Yep, no productivity so far. Oh well. Well how can I? 😦


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