January 30, 2014

My workmate has this odd convention of proper-casing everything—class names, methods, properties, class fields and local variables. I pondered a bit why that is, that’s when it hit me… they might be mimicking Visual Basic. But no, the language we’re using is PHP… it’s a freaking C-based language! Going suddenly out of convention just to follow another language is just… weird. The framework we’re building on follows normal convention, so mixing conventions is a total mindfuck. Also it gives me an eyesore when I see local variables addressed with a starting uppercase letter… In no language I’ve encountered whatsoever have I seen that convention. Just… what the fuck right? And it worsens in PHP where you have to prefix local variables with ‘$’—having a tall character followed by another tall character makes me go nuts. Fuck fuck fuck fuck sex sex sex sex sex penis penis penis.

Nothing interesting in League, just one game of Coop vs. AI and one defeat and one victory in ARAM. Wait, there’s something. I practiced Fiddlesticks on Coop vs. AI. His power is amazing. At least now I got a feel what it’s like to play Fiddlesticks. I’m also surprised that his recommended build is for a jungler Fiddlesticks. WTH!

As the new Chinese New Year dawns, more and more news about it appear on television. Especially on geomancy. The news is overflowing with it. I’m not Chinese though, but I’m a Catholic. My view on Chinese geomancy and astrology is the same as with all astrology in general: they do not have both religious and scientific bases. Believing in them means that you don’t believe in God but on qi that permeates the Earth and your house and your body. Believing in them means that specific arrangements of the Moon, the Sun, the planets, and stars light years away whose only real influence on us really are their photons that left them millions of years ago have an effect on our daily lives.



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