February 1, 2014

Hooray for one month of forced blogging!

Yeah, I should probably tell the reason why I started this. I started this to get myself to blog and tell more about myself to the world. Though most probably none of my friends know about this. You see, I’m an introvert. I will be too ashamed if someone I knew discovered my blog. But then again, it’s okay, by then I’ll have my shell cracked open and hopefully become more social.

Well, I’m just a real-life introvert though, the internet is where most of my world is. That’s why it feels like chatting with me on Facebook is like talking to my soul. It’s really scary. But as part of my introversion, I won’t start a conversation either, without a need to do so.

I really need to have a real friend.

Watched a few episodes of KissXSis. The thought of my parents passing by as erotic sounds are emitted from my laptop’s speakers is somewhat off, but hey, I’m 22, I can watch porn (not even close, this is just light stuff!) all I want. It’s more off though if it’s my mother. LOL. It’s fine as long as they don’t catch me masturbating. 🙂

I have something else to tell but I totally forgot what it is after that long wall of text about my introversion and shit.


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