February 4, 2014

The last game is especially epic. I was retreating after my teammates are all killed, and Lissandra and Malphite were chasing me as I go back to the second tower. Laughingly I managed to get all three heals on the way and did not die. Hahaha!

And I started to play League. There was this Jinx who was very angry at me getting her kill. To expert players, they may just call this ganking, but this beginner Jinx was very angry at me after that. I threw her a few insults like “k” and “0/3/2” but she maintained her high pride? Ever learn to respect your seniors?

And so I thought, what if I placed my paragraphs in reverse order? After all, what I was putting first were the most important parts that I had to put immediately or my memories of them will quickly run out. LOL. Anyway, I’ll now proceed to transfer my files to my external hard disk drive because we’re going to have my laptop repaired. I cannot leave traces of porn!


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