February 9, 2014

So they killed our dog today. It’s our main dog, a male dog with a dalmatian breed or something, and the father of Kuromaru and the gang. For a tangent, people might wonder why I am using the pronoun ‘it’ with animals—well, that’s because they should! Back to the topic, well, as with most of our pets, what I name them is different from what our parents call them. As they first brought it into this home, I called it a hyponym of a disease—well, it’s because I didn’t want a dog anymore, and I had always been for disposing of it. But now that it’s actually happened, I can’t help but think deeply about what led to its killing… Is it society? Culture? Our state of living? Its breed? Its upbringing? Well sure, we have to take every measure every time we have guests… even my friends. But it sure has done things, the worst being rupturing my own grandmother’s feet last Christmas of 2012… my birthday. But then again, it’s just a dog… we can buy a new one anytime we want… but is it as simple as that?

Freaks still asked for a clearance slip when I have already graduated. Ugly freaks. (Freaks = the procedure, peace dawg)

I became very tired after we went home after grocery. My feet were aching. I guess I’ve really been collecting those grams of fat, huh. Ugh. I hate myself.

Starcraft 2 while downloading and… lyrics from Log Horizon! Shameless plug inbound!

In Coop vs. AI we had a very noisy Yasuo. I had really wanted to report him for that, and so I did under offensive language… well he did say offensive language. In ARAM we didn’t have a ranged carry so I rerolled… and out came Nasus. Hehe. We won eventually, but it was a hard fight. I noticed at the end game our Volibear took Thornmail which is a good choice really; I focused on something first for armor but went on and got a Spirit Visage. All’s well in the end, I think.

So I read this blog post about RequireBin which is a site where you can run your node.js modules on—client-side. Everything is run on the client and you can require anything on npm. Your code is packaged via Browserify in what is called a Browserify CDN. Your code can be saved as a gist so… yeah… you can imagine the maintainer giving out evil laughs as nothing is really stored on their servers!

I have created my own little snippet which basically uses hat to generate a random string. I shared it on my Facebook account…


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