February 12, 2014

Oh god I just won a ranked game.

I don’t play ranked games a lot so please forgive me. I played as Jinx with Teemo, Garen, Tryndamere and Pantheon on the team. I can say the team is pretty good. In the early game, my heart just won’t stop pumping as adrenaline rushed to it. Taking lanes as I instructed my teammates to do so paid off in the end. (The group mentality is still strong with our culture, I guess…)

Oh… I need to breathe… AAAAHHHHH… It hurts.

So in Coop vs. AI there was this stupid Zyra. Hey, you know what? Zyra is not for beginners. Start with the easy heroes first.

Yesterday, I was able to write down many kanji flashcards. It’s exciting when I got past 弓 (ゆみ bow) and 天 (てん heaven) because these are ones that I have already encountered.


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