February 18, 2014

My laptop was taken in for repairs today. My work has just finished. Thankfully, I was assigned slightly another task today, remembering how I would have to set up an Ubuntu VM if I need to continue that task gives me headache… foreseeing how that would severely lag this laptop just gives me that.

Now, the question is, what should I do? There’s still a year’s worth of patching of League of Legends to be done here. I can’t exactly play ARAM though. I don’t think I can program my hobby project with an IDE, though. Well, I can make more kanji flashcards! Yep. Why don’t we start the LoL patching right now so we can get on to it? *sigh*

Also, I can’t leave Facebook open for too long or that will also lag my system.

I will miss watching anime though.


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