February 25, 2014

Lubuntu installation notes:

I was able to make UNetbootin work somehow, but it wasn’t able to read what it had copied to my first primary partition (apparently it just does that and sits prettily with my Windows files. Great.) I selected an expert install and I had to make the Ubuntu installer download the basic web server and the Lubuntu desktop. It all worked out in the end, though with RAM just under 400 MB I shouldn’t have expected so much. I named the operating system and user…


And thus ended my day.

I woke up with a headache as my work alarm went off without sound and just vibrating as my phone is in Manner mode. Up to 23 minutes past four I was still trying to install Skype on the new Linux OS. My workmate already alerted my mother about my absence. Shit.

I installed Chrome but then I noticed Firefox was somewhat faster there. I was also figuring out a way to edit the code on the live server of our client.

Fortunately, my sister came home and I was able to borrow the laptop from her hands. And when I was looking for an IDE installed somewhere in that laptop—well I do know that Komodo is still installed there—that’s when I tried to fire it up, and boom! It has awesome live site editing support—either via FTP, SFTP, FTP over SSL, or SCP. This is great! PHPStorm didn’t have anything like this, it’s like, the only feature they are missing! I quickly got into it—again—and continued with my work.

It was then that my mom arrived with the service unit HP has provided us while my laptop is in repair. (I’m using it now!) A quick setup of Skype and Komodo was all I needed. I did install PHPStorm for a quirk I wasn’t able to see with Komodo though. I noticed the “IntelliSense” Komodo provided and it’s better than what PHPStorm can give. Currently.

Uhmm… Guys at JetBrains… Hello?

So, these past few days I’ve started to follow Pewdiepie’s playthrough of Fahrenheit. Sorry if I wasn’t able to blog about it, I didn’t think it was that important. Anyway,

Best intro ever LOL

I also discovered when I checked Komodo’s website this thing called DocPad. It’s a flexible static site generator on node.js. I’ve got to check this out sometime in the near future, and see if I can pull off a lyrics website out of it that’ll replace the ones on this site. 🙂 (I actually already have plans for it but haven’t had time for it.)


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