February 27, 2014

Did I forget to blog again? Oh no!

I’m so sleepy!

Internet’s been slower than usual. It hasn’t peaked at all. I might be at my ISP’s fair usage limit. Or hell. I don’t know! I can’t even update my antivirus!

Okay, after I gave up on watching YouTube videos I decided to program my new DocPad-based static website. Success so far as I have successfully created a plugin that will make my lyric writing easier.

Just now I tried creating a box on Nitrous.io. I’ve seen Cloud9 IDE, and this is somewhat familiar. But! They claim to have Github integration. We’ll see.

Off to bed. Sleepy now.

And oh, if you decide to join in the Nitrous.io bandwagon balloon, here’s a referral link: click me for a free box on Nitrous.io… no, not really… just… click it, okay?

OMG, my first use of dft.ba!


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