March 1, 2014

So while I have been assigned to a completely different task, I think that as our conversations get more and more frequent, I think our relationship is getting deeper and deep…


Oops. I haven’t done anything yet in my free time. I’ll just edit this later…

Oh, and hello March.

Edit (0:56): My God, AppFog. Now I’m sure as fuck not to go with you. I won’t trust a company that hasn’t been able to put up an online registration form in months. I don’t care if you’ll make it available yesterday, well that just means you’re not ready to have a global audience. So long, AppFog, enjoy your fucking existing US users.

Edit (4:45): Woo! Internet! The internet is raining cats and dogs!

Okay, now I have something to blog. Since internet is raining now, I guess I’ll watch some YouTube. But before that, I blog.

So I continued programming my second hobby project, which I’ll now reveal the name of: kirolyrics. I also finally decided to host it on Heroku. Aside from the rant above, it seems like AppFog is not free forever, so it received a quick tick off my node.js hosts to consider and a quick addition to my list of node.js hosts to avoid.

Everything’s going well so far. I’m trying to parse a lyrics file and re-render it in a plugin. Looks good. I’ll deploy it sometime on Heroku.


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