March 2, 2014

Really. Talking bad things about your teammates won’t bring up his morale. Ever.

This is why I hate playing League of Legends, at least in my country. People start blaming and talking bad things to others when they feel like losing. Please, look at yourself first. Please learn how to use trinkets so that the whole team will benefit from it.


I started downloading the latest version of League of Legends before I slept yesterday. I paused the download before I slept and resumed it after I woke up. Leaving home, I left the machine open and entrusted it to my dad.

Because we went to get a facial treatment!

When we finished, we went to the book store, and we went looking for a copy of TFIOS. This is bad: I’ve already dreamed of looking for it in my sleep.

After learning that there was no stock of it anymore, we exited and the closing of the mall dawned upon us. Quickly we ordered a couple of burgers from McDonald’s and another fast food restaurant—because there was only exactly 1 Cheeeseburger left in McDonald’s.

Between things I watched Clannad and programmed my second hobby project. I was frustrated when the lyrics were not rendering correctly—nay—not being rendered at all. I’m so glad I solved that. And the lyrics are now making sense. It’s all good.


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