March 3, 2014

It’s the third week that I don’t have my laptop.

Just now, I can’t believe it—I have run out of YouTube videos to watch and still have time.

I played games of Hexakill and the first game is a typical game of defeat. As usual, we were doing good at bottom but the other two lanes sucked hard. I played Soraka, I think. I figured out I have to always be a warder to compensate for all the sucking hard of my countrymen.

It was at the second game that I really shone. I played as Ziggs on bottom. While I was pretty much very fragile, having virtually no armor or magic resist, I assumed a warder role and a teleporter. It was the first time I played as Ziggs with a Scrying Orb, so that helped a bit in the early game. Much in late game in team chases. Though the enemy Yi managed to take down two inhibitors and a Nexus Turret, we won.

I did not play a Coop vs. AI game anymore since I already got the First Win bonus at the second game.

And all before that I programmed my second hobby project.


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