March 7, 2014

So, a pre-sleep post. Let’s do this. In reverse order again?

I’m currently reading this article that details methods on how to improve web page performance.

I did a little catch up of the anime I’m following, Naruto and Kill la Kill. I have no interest now on catching up on the other series, maybe I’ll do that when I get back my laptop. Speaking of which, I’m expecting it should be back anytime soon. I also watched a few episodes of Clannad.

I played more than average number of ARAM games again, and two games of practice with Vel’koz. I bought Vel’koz today and it’s so powerful especially when well fed. It can clear armies of minions and monsters quickly, which is so good. I can’t wait to have it appear randomly on ARAM and play it.

I managed to push my second hobby project on Github yesterday while at work (teehee). I didn’t run at all, it crashed complaining it can’t do a require('Q'). Apparently Linux filesystems are case-sensitive. I didn’t have time to correct that; my point anyway is to just push it so I have a backup.

(And since its not exactly production-ready, I won’t reveal its URL for now, but give it a guess.)

At work, I worked for 6 hours on my side task today, 2 hours for my main task.


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