I dreamed about Cry

For some reason I was playing through some kind of horror game, you throw flares and stuff. But I was personally there. And I was somewhat with Pewdie. I don’t remember how. Then Cry did the same thing, I followed him around the house. Then he boarded a bus through a middle door, they shut me though. But Cry waited for me on the front door. I sat beside him. He was really nice. I tried to take a photo of us two. I thought he really looks like his online 😐 face. I asked some girl to take a photo of us but she just drew on it. How, I don’t know. One of us asks why only now they play the game, the other answers because they got tired of current games. The bus stopped on somewhere, a bit further from here, but at the same time only exists in my dreams. I take out my cos, a complete set. I put them all back in the bag with the top outside the plastic.

Cry, if you’re reading things, I’m sorry about the things I did on the bus. I might be a bit attracted to you.


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