March 20, 2014

My common sense got the better of me, and I quickly realized my laptop is so much more awesome in a working state that I have to give up. This is important. I’m so mature right now.

I managed to play some laggy games of League of Legends. On the last ARAM game I got to play as Teemo. The enemy team tried their hardest to kill me when I started to rise in kills. The reason is that I rushed Morellonomicon early and because of that I got everything I needed, really. We also had Blitz and Lux so I think that helped too.

Now I’m updating my laptop to Windows 8.1. I put my laptop on hibernate so it’ll continue that later on.

My work is still split to two as before. I got major progress on the second one and I was very happy.

2014-03-21 EDIT: Edited the title. Someone might get the wrong idea. Explanation on the March 21, 2014 post.

Spelling mistakes. Why did I misspell Morellonomicom and everthing?


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