March 21, 2014

The equinox is on the 20th! What’s wrong with you guys?

So I have been scolded for my tardiness on the first task I have. I have to impress my boss now, but I also have to tell the truth. I don’t know design, but I do have a design sense, a Twitter Bootstrap layout sense, and a bit of knack for copying pixel-by-pixel an image to HTML.

Okay, so I checked right now, and sorry, I was off, it was 12:50 AM earlier. Sorry. Errata. I even made it the title of the post. Embarrassments.

I played a couple of Coop vs. AI LoL games. It was lagging hard.

I also tried to watch a few YouTube videos. I got to watch a few. Very few. Four, I think.

Because the internet was very slow, I managed to transfer more lyrics to my second hobby project. I think I pushed something, so it’s up now at the website. Link in the main menu, for those new. (I was kind of tempted say doobly-doo but 1, this is not a YouTube video, 2, I am not a YouTuber, 3, I am not one of the Vlog Brothers)

I should really sleep now. DFTBA.


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