March 22, 2014

Okay, what else do I need to do before I sleep?

Oh, I have to blog!

I worked with my two tasks again. My internet cut off halfway though. Right when my boss is chatting with me!

I experienced better-than-yesterday internet as I played the usual League of Legends. I played Coop vs. AI as Jinx and surprisingly, the Morgana who laned with me was cooperative. Eventually I got a pentakill and no one commented. I perceived that positively as that situation was rare, they’d usually badmouth me or something.

I played rather nicely today as Quinn and Valor in ARAM.

I also played in ARAM as Yasuo. Preventing Cait’s ult from hitting a teammate just in time gave me a bit of satisfaction.

I managed to watch YouTube while programming my second hobby project (Sorry, no pushes today. But I added numeral ruby support.) and then while playing variants of 2048.


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