March 26, 2014

I forgot to mention I still left my laptop open for downloads yesterday, and I intend to do so until the end of the download or the month.

I continued, sort of, with my task but there was nothing left to do, so naturally I slacked off.

At League there was this annoying streak of ARAM rounds. But first I played Yasuo in Coop vs. AI and ended up getting overpowered and got a pentakill.

Okay, so there was this Leona whose in-game name is most likely the one person I had as a friend back at Plurk. No, no, it can only be him. And that game sucked big time, partly because of him latching onto the enemies while we are at an obvious disadvantage.

Then there was this game where three players all agreed to just stay on the base and do nothing. They even insulted my build!

Finally I was able to win one game of ARAM when I played as a rerolled Vel’koz.

Again, I tried my best to watch YouTube, while working on my second hobby project—IntenseDebate push FTW!—and maybe some 2048 variants?

Oh, and that’s the thing: I really didn’t like IntenseDebate as it is right now. Imagine, I have to register my own Facebook app in order for it to work, and the game changer, it doesn’t support an OpenID login.

Initially, I just went with IntenseDebate so I will be able to comment without needing any other logs in (Whoa! Is that right grammar?) other than my own account. In the very near future I’ll try to look at Disqus, see if it doesn’t need its own Facebook app, and test OpenID support, maybe.

I kinda miss writing out kanji on index cards.


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