March 29, 2014 and part 1 for March 30, 2014

Shit. Guess what I wasn’t able to do.


Yesterday started with me and my father getting my TOR. I woke up at noon, I tried to sleep again for an hour but it didn’t work.

At work I was still working on my task. A workmate asked me for help but internet connectivity got cut off at that moment. Hours later and I realized it got back with a certain pattern: it gets back, and fast, when I reset my router, but eventually cuts off. It stopped some time later but went back just before midnight.

I tried to play Coop vs. AI at the moment but the first few minutes of that didn’t go very well, combined with a selfish Nocturne.

I tried to play ARAM but as soon as the game started, internet became very slow. I disconnected at the middle of the game.

I tried to watch YouTube, in cuts between plays of Warcraft 3 and maybe adding more content.

This morning I got to see the PUJ bought by my parents.


I woke up at 3 pm, that was about 7 hours of sleep. Internet is still very slow. I played more Warcraft 3 while working on my second hobby project. I was also already unpacking some files onto my laptop. I’m planning to use Bitbucket to store some of my abandoned projects. Hooray for free unlimited private repositories! (Which Github is badly sucking at right now.)

Finally, I got to catch up with one episode of Log Horizon.


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