I broke my streak! I’m very sorry

Oh no! I broke my streak! I hope declaring the last one a part 1 makes up for it.

Let’s see…

March 30, 2014, part 2

Okay, so after I blogged the last one I played LoL.

Then, I got started preparing my April Fools’ Day prank. If you are reading this, know me personally and don’t want to be spoiled, kindly skip this paragraph. So I opened Photoshop and pasted a draft from a news article. Not skipping yet? Okay, so it will be a photo that will look like I posted a Facebook lookback video. But it’ll totally be just a photo. I know, lame, but I have been thinking about this since February. Hey, it can’t be suspicious, right. Nah. Totally busted. Yay. But I’ll still do it just for the fun of it.

My new pastime now is playing Element TD on Warcraft 3. At least I won’t get half sleepy playing PvZ 1. This is because I want my downloads to go through, I have to play an offline game.

And that’s it for March 30, I guess. You know our brains, always deleting useless stuff while we sleep.

March 31, 2014, part 1

Waking up to the same scenario, I took a bath, put some finishing touches to the AFD prank and played more Element TD. Then it happened. My router just broke down. We bought it last February 2010 (at least that’s what’s marked on it) and I am happy that it served us for over four years.

That’s when I got to tinkering my laptop into connecting the internet cable directly to it. And I found out that the bottom-facing part is movable, you can extend it open and put the connector in. Bam! All this time. I didn’t know. I’m such an idiot. And when I put the connected cable and laptop down on the table, I instinctively inserted the cable further and… shwuck! (Sorry! I don’t know how to word this sound effect!) I went it more and fit perfectly. Damn!

I played LoL already. I won a couple of ARAM games, one as Vel’koz (!) and the other as a Warwick. Some notes on the Warwick game, I bought Morellonomicon to tone down the enemy Tryndamere and Dr. Mundo, but is it better if I got Executioner’s Blade? I don’t know. My Q is the biggest damage dealer anyway, so heck.

Opening my downloader again I see that internet is back! I think I have been capped all along, ever since that day I received my laptop. Now I promise I will only view some YouTube videos in 240p. (Brady, these include your videos!)

I forgot to mention, although this should come without telling, I kinda worked yesterday on my second hobby project.


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