April 1, 2014

Four years! Nay, four months. Sorry.

I had a blast this day. I am feeling a sense of achievement. Because I achieved something today.

I started work on the router-less contraption in my room. It was stinking a lot of smoke, so I turned on the AC. Nobody was home.

I noticed my mother calling on my phone, having already called 2 times, to ask what router to buy and stuff. I had no credits so when she texted me I wasn’t able to reply.

She came home with a TP-Link router for a low low price of 1,100 bucks. We spent almost half an hour with my sibling trying to set it up. It came with a freaking CD! Come on! Some systems nowadays don’t have a CD drive anymore! Hell, some might even buy that stuff just for an iPad! Without a computer! That might been hell for them.

I was very annoyed when I saw my workmate overwrote again the header for the website we’re working on. Like fuck? I need to have TWBS’ JS in there or my portion won’t work! I decided to just put an inline script element on my view. No, I don’t care about the consequences anymore. If this is how you want to play, I’ll play it. Your Javascript sucks, anyway.

In the middle of the night the ISO download for Windows 8.1 completed. Not being in a rush, really, I played League of Legends, one Coop vs. AI game and one ARAM game.

I played Coop vs. AI as Darius, hoping to test it out. I got a quadra kill there. Heh heh.

I played ARAM as Akali. I tried to trade with Warwick but the player denied the trade and then asked if I want it. Are you nuts? Latest patch disabled trading if you declined! (Is this right? Can someone verify this?) Plus, I’d take it anyway because at the back of my mind, if I didn’t, nobody will take the tank role again. Faced by a series of deaths and a big push, we prevailed against TF’s ultimate (hell, we just jumped onto him all at once once he teleported. Heh heh) and Jax’s stun. I just got a bunch of cooldown reduction items, stone (hoping to build to Visage for extra vamp) and Frostfang (I forgot if I pushed that through though) but my base build was already pretty tough actually—Rylai’s and Revolver plus Tenacity boots.

It was then that I started to upgrade my laptop. It was just early one o’clock then and I was also very excited to post my AFD prank but I thought if I post it too early, it would be easily noticed. (Now no one’s noticing it because I posted it early morning. I do hope somebody notices though at the end of the day.) I posted consequently on Facebook regarding the process and the chronicles I faced during the upgrade

Oh, I forgot, during work I also managed to copy the contents of the system image backup into a staging folder at C:\Users\me\stage (from R:\Users\me). That became possible because of Robocopy (which enabled me to copy files more than 256 characters in length) and PsExec (which allowed me to copy the files in the first place, because the mounted image persisted the ACLs—I logged in as the SYSTEM user.), that’s when I discovered that the culprit is a nasty junction that links to AppData itself, causing the whole AppData folder to recurse onto itself. Apparently, both robocopy and the shell copy suck at this. I do hope other programs such as antimalware detect this and/or safely ignore them, otherwise their jobs could run forever.

I was astounded by the number of improvements the upgrade has brought to me. The renamed OneDrive is included, apps now have title bars, apps show up in the taskbar, and the interface became more mouse-friendly. Although having had come from a version that didn’t have that, it just feels weird, I need to rewrite my muscle memory for this.

How do I select multiple apps with the mouse?

Then, I finally posted my AFD prank. So far, no one has liked or commented on it, but it’s pretty obvious so they might have seen it and ignored it.

Finally I watched the final episode of Kill la Kill after dinner (breakfast in diurnal speak).

I still have more plans for laptop restoration. Including firing up the old one on a VM. (Insert evil laugh here)


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