April 2, 2014

Work as usual. Wait, I did almost nothing! I was busy setting up my past VM, Noiz.

I tried installing VirtualBox to see it again. The bootloader’s fine but it goes to a blank screen with a non-blinking cursor on top. I wonder what happened? Also, VirtualBox now does not detect VT-x on my machine. What? I checked the BIOS and the option is still there, active even after the machine reset. Weird. I also checked if Hyper-V is installed. It isn’t. Why isn’t VirtualBox working?

So I enabled Hyper-V.

I took me almost the whole trying to figure out how to connect the virtual machine to the network. I was able to connect it to an internal network, although apparently I screwed up with that too, I can’t get it to work again.

I updated League of Legends and there it was, Riot’s April Fools Day prank: Ultra Rapid Fire. Well, it was pretty obvious due to the initials. I played exactly 1 Coop vs. AI URF game and 3 PVP URF games.

The Coop vs. AI game I played as Teemo. I don’t know, I instinctively selected Teemo because I think warders would be the best in this game. I was wrong. Teemo sucked real bad at early game. And I was up against Brand. Bad match-up. We won eventually.

That’s where I learned support healers can be really bad news.

I played the first PVP game as Ziggs. It turned out pretty well, I was mid against Nidalee (?) and I was throwing bombs here and there.

I played the second PVP game again as Ziggs. Bad game as the enemy team had a Teemo and… ughh… my memory’s failing.

I think I played another game? I don’t know.

I also played as Twitch. It turned out pretty bad as the other lanes were pretty bad and Nidalee was MIA from mid all the time. I was also made unable to move due to the Caitlyn. And that Vel’koz ult.

See? I had bad memory. There’s another game where I decided to play as a tank. My favorite tank, and I know I would be able to handle really well, Warwick. I just spammed my Q to jungle and in the late game do battle vs. Annie. There’s a screenshot of the result of this battle on my Facebook account. Essentially what my team did was to stack their inventory with Sanguine Blades and Infinity Edges, while the other team stacked Rabadons. Sucks to be them, because my build has a lot of magic resist in it. I rushed Spirit Visage for that ultimate heal with Q, then I built Aegis and Abyssal Scepter. I abandoned my machete for tenacity boots. I also built the true sight trinket vs. Shaco and Teemo while also bringing a Sightstone. And for the final touch, I abandoned one of my legendaries for a Rabadon. We won. Eventually. It took a lot of time.


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