April 10, 2014

Ugh. Got depressed earlier at work because of our client. Y’know, if you don’t want this lazy bum working for you, you can always fire me. Geez.

So I cleared South Park earlier and I also finished Noragami.

I played LoL coop URF as… Jinx? I played two games of Coop since the first one didn’t make the cut to the first win bonus.

I also got to start watching Soul Eater: NOT. It seems like a girl anime but whatever. I have to follow this to follow the whole story, I guess. I just wish there’s more… like… boys… and Black Star. And Soul Eater. Death the Kid can screw himself.

I also managed to work on my second hobby project.

Yeah, I can’t believe I’d check my match history just to remember. So I played first as Jinx, then as Caitlyn. And as I expected, Caitlyn sucks so bad at these types of games so I just fired my ult from a distance and, fingers crossed, hope the others kill them. I kind of like building Executioner’s Blade and Morellonomicon now so I built the blade vs. Soraka and Alistar for that game, which I guess helped a bit.

I also played normal URF as Warwick again. As the opposing team were an all-carry team with 3 mages, they were utterly crushed with just my existence and their lack of a tank. 🙂


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