Confusing sounds: 鮮やか and 朝焼け

So, for our first blog, I guess… I don’t even know how to write these.

鮮やか (あざ・やか) means vivid.

朝焼け (あさ や・け) means sunrise. Or more precisely, the sunrise light or colors.

One way to remember these is that 朝焼け begins with the word 朝 – morning. This is in contrast with 夕焼け (ゆう や・け) which means sunset, which begins with 夕 – evening.

That’s all there is to it, really.

Kanji vocab:

  • 鮮 (あざ・やか) – fresh [fish + sheep]
  • 朝 (あさ) – morning [𠦝 + moon]
  • 夕 (ゆう) – evening
  • 焼 (や・く) – burn [fire + 尭 Takashi… oh God why am I even including this]

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