April 18, 2014

Vacation days. Always boring, especially when you’ve run out of creative juice and there are two more of these coming.

That’s what I was at the beginning of the day. Thankfully it didn’t last all day.

So there we go, one Japanese language post. More to go.

I’ve added a few more songs and improvements for my second hobby project. I’m thinking that adding improvements to it would divide my time putting actual content to it. Hence, the improvements: I could only work on them if I have an awful lot of time. And I don’t have much of that these days.

I haven’t touched on my first hobby project, haven’t I? It’s really getting tedious working with Polymer; the future can’t come quickly enough. If I want it done now, maybe I’m doing it the Wrong Way™? I mentioned that, but I really haven’t touched it yet. Dammit. I guess I’ll hold on my second hobby project for a while, finish core features and complete the lyrics move.

Also, LoL and YouTube. I also finished the movie I started to watch earlier and watched some anime.


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