April 24, 2014

I shouldn’t really be having an overtime programming my second hobby project while researching other things.

I was finally convinced to install Growl for Windows after seeing that DocPad supports it out of the box. I haven’t seen it in action though.

I had an idea for another project, which is routing Growl notifications to Windows Notification Service. And it would totally be awesome. If it is possible. Someone point me to the right direction about this, if somebody already made this. I do hope I don’t land on this blog post the next time I try to search for a solution for this. I did star tjanczuk/wns on Github just in case I want to continue with this expedition. 🙂

I worked on my second hobby project all night long as I realized that my bandwidth really is throttled now. I sure hope our president would push on addressing this issue once and for all. We customers don’t deserve this kind of internet.

I tried to watch YouTube but in vain. I also was stopped midway viewing the latest episode of Crash Course Psychology. I’d have to resume that on May.

At work, the pressure is on again. I really don’t like this.


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