May 11, 2014

We went out for a little vacation on the poolside.

I went swimming anyway. I had to keep a shower cap on to avoid the pool water touching my treated hair.

I also worked on my second hobby project. There. A couple of times.

And as usual, with any social gathering, there’s this cigarette smoker to ruin my day. And in every turn of the resort were they. Do me a favor, you paid for that cigarette, please lick off the ash at the other end. What, you’re planning to die anyway.

(As if I’m able to deal with that problem in my very own home.)

I had an infection on my legs due to them being moist, frying them to the friction caused. I’m treating them now with hand sanitizer gel and powder. (I can’t find the ointment…)

I took a bath and slept hoping to have good internet connection at midnight.

I woke up at 0:30 and played LoL. I watched some of my pending anime, Fairy Tail, Yowapeda and Clannad AS. Then I watched some YouTube. I also inserted some info to my second hobby project.


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