May 25, 2014

I woke up, well, was awaken, by my mother, sometime before 9.

I documented everything so that’s in the camera, really. More on Facebook. Eventually. Dad forgot, well, did not intend to bring, the Memory Stick USB adapter.

We ate lunch at McDonald’s at about noon.

Local airport’s an eyesore. It has bad, dim, orange lighting, and people had to line up in huge lines. It’s so shameful. Foreigners sit down on the floor due to lack of chairs. It’s awful.

We departed at 4:50 pm.

I and my sibling watched some Haikyuu!! on the plane.

And all the time I was teasing them “barbarian” because of the modernity of the plane. Well, compared to the local ones we had flown in before. It’s got TVs with a handset, with games. Each seat also has a free pillow and headset.

The sun set while we’re in the plane and we had dinner on the plane.

The drive to the hotel is so smooth. And everything is a building. And trees. It’s so different here.


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