June 1, 2014

Yesterday morning as a continuation, I did one more round of One For All and then slept. Maybe? Or did I watch some YouTube? Anyway.

I uploaded the rest of the Singapore photos left on the Cybershot camera (they’re actually already on my HDD). Also, finally, I finished stupidly captioning the earlier photos I uploaded.

Oh, I forgot to tell about the image change. No, specifically, the avatar change. Yeah, it all boils down to the fantasy of what if South Park was an anime. Yeah, I know it’ll never happen but still… the chances aren’t yet zero.

I also got Android x86 up and running, which is cool, I guess.

Also just earlier I finished the last song to move to Kirolyrics. After a few tweaks and adding Disqus integration, I finally marked it as a version 1.

Finally, hello June!


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