June 2, 2014

I was awoken by the intense heat about 1 pm.

And yeah, I worked on Kirolyrics and added FANTASTIC TUNE. Shameless plug, I added FANTASTIC TUNE to Kirolyrics. First song I’ve added since v1. (Not the first one I added that’s not part of the migration though.) Check it out.

fantastic tune

Man, I would have so fanboyed on this if I have known this before.

I have also started upgrading my Ubuntu VM Noiz to trusty. Trusty something. Version 14 point something.

It got late though so as soon as it was downloading anymore I paused it. So I can play LoL.

As before I won’t detail my LoL plays anymore but I have observed something. Queue quits are more frequent on One For All: Mirrored Mode.

I watched South Park and finished season 7.

Also, Clannad After Story.


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