Watch Dogs: How to escape (Guide)

So. Another game guide, huh? But escaping in Watch Dogs is surprisingly easy.

After taking out that gang boss or anything, before anything else, get in a car. You’re less conspicuous riding a car than a bike. (In-game tip!) From there, distance yourself away from your pursuers. Then, you can try one of these methods to get away:

Hide in your car and wait for your pursuers to give you up. Generally, you won’t want to just hide your car in the road or in some open space. You’ll want to hide your car in a parking lot or something. But if your pursuers start to take the route down your parking space, don’t hesitate to move. Also, it’s a lot harder to escape from the police with this method. I know it’s possible, but it is harder. Especially if they have air support. But it is possible to get out of the helicopter’s line of sight, even in the road. If you use this method, make sure to get under a building or tunnel’s cover if you’re being pursued with air support. Basement parking lots might* work really fine with this, just close the parking door behind after you go in.

Jumping over road walls such as those leading to a bridge, and getting to cover, might be a hilariously easy way to shake them off your tail, but it works!

Simply getting into another elevation such as a rooftop or a train platform will get you off their line of sight. But they will try to climb to you if they see you get there. But this doesn’t happen often. Which brings me to the next method…

Ride the train. Getting the train hacking skill can help with this. You can escape most fixers using this method. It’s slightly hard to shake off the police using this method though, especially if they have air support. You’d want to go to a direction which won’t have a stop for a while.

Jump into the water. All people of Chicago don’t know how to swim. If jumping from a bridge, make sure there won’t be any rocks that will be waiting for you instead. You’re less likely to survive though if you’re being pursued by a helicopter with a sniper. Which brings me to the next method…

Ride a motorboat. This will let you get away quickly in the water. Obviously. It’s hard to shake off helicopters though, but it is possible. Don’t take the taxi! Taxis are slow.

Hide in a basement parking lot.*

* I haven’t tried this.


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