June 26, 2014

Frankly I think I’m becoming more diligent at work lately. Though I spent some time earlier trying to improve my workflow and not actually working. But hey, after that I’ll have a reference and it won’t be as hard as before.

After playing LoL, I worked on improvements to Kiro’s Lyrics. I switch to another model which will attach to populateCollections instead of generateBefore, which will be more appropriate. I decided not to make it modular (And it’ll be harder to reference which to which, plus I’ll lose definition go tos.) but instead made all of it more sane to read. I used Backbone events and async-q’s queue as its base. Basically I used async.queue to queue up model creation, so even if they’re fired up by BB events they ultimately line up in a single file, plus they don’t lose asynchony.

Yeah, I know most of this wouldn’t make sense unless I show you the source code so I think that’s it for now.


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