June 30, 2014

Yeah. Same stuff. Some South Park.

I did get started on the server part of my first hobby project though. I want to start off a clean slate. I don’t wanna use Polymer anymore. Polymer sucks big time. I think if people wants things to work, they’ll have to wait for at least CR status or unprefixed implementation in major browsers.

Yeah, you know what? I think I’ve changed a lot now. My view shifted from the future to the present. If some things happen to be working right now, why rely on things that might even not happen?

That was a bit big of a segue though. I actually hated Polymer because it was a “polyfill” for not just Custom Elements and Shadow DOM but a lot of other things that didn’t need to be in the picture but are in it. In essence, it was trying to be a future framework and that’s what’s I’m trying to avoid. Plus it did not play well with the features when it was turned on in Chrome. And that was pretty bad considering there’s only a single company above both parties.


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