August 12, 2014

I finished Fate/Zero.

I also decided to change my Summoner name on LoL. Even though I don’t have any reserve funds for… ah, screw that whoever-that-Yordle-is.

I also worked on the lyrics. I finally finished translating Tenchi Gaeshi. Link above as always.

This is really boring. I have nothing else to watch. Even though I have ~12 anime on the line. It’s because they cluster on the weekends.

It’s good to see they’re bringing some content from re:connect to the anime. I mean, that was Clear’s own room right there.

Productivity points: 100
Physical fitness points: 0. Sorry, I’m really sleepy right now.

I’m still looking for work, if anyone ever reads this.

I’ll start watching Fate/kaleid later.


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