August 13, 2014

Oh, I did one song today. Ah yeah!! by Sukima Switch. Link above as always. That would be 100 productivity points.

I took the opportunity to bike, then take a bath. I was minimizing the time between those, in order, so that I don’t stink at any given time. I ran through an extended course today, I think that’s about 3 kilometers. For that, I’m awarding myself 250 physical fitness points. (I scaled it down because my normal course would be about 1.2 kilometers. But don’t trust me on this, in the end I’m just estimating. I should really get a cyclocomputer…)

So I watched Fate/kaleid. I don’t like it much… I mean, I wasn’t really expecting a magical girl anime. But anyway.

I didn’t have more to watch… internet was awfully slow today. But I have queued things for when I wake up.

I did some more less interesting things like playing an offline music game and moving things around my external hard drives.


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