August 18, 2014

So I watched more TWD and shot down some weekend anime.

I did a little bit of productivity. Well, it’s a bit of progress but… I am getting stuck again on user auth. I’m talking of course about my first hobby project. I also got stuck last time on user auth. Should I use OpenID? Should I use Google auth? Should I consider guest accounts? I don’t know how I would integrate game sessions without user auth, but should I delve more into that? I’m considering this one special case when a user views the website and he can like play with it by himself without requiring another user around. I mean, that’d be very useful, especially when I’m the only one creating it and testing it. But… is it really feasible now? Will I be able to pull that mode off while putting the normal case into consideration? I don’t know. I’m really confused with what my project’s direction is going.

Water’s off again. This time it’s rather extreme—it won’t come up the pipe.


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