August 23, 2014

I did a bit of productivity with the Lyrics. Added a new song. Strike Back by Back-On.

I’m still having some problems with Windows Store apps crashing. And the Facebook app. It just won’t let me log in. I tried to fix those. Except for Facebook. I have no idea what’s going on there.

Rant/insight: Unlike these other people, I find some WS apps being really useful to me. Perhaps the one I use the most is AED. I also use the Mail app as my main e-mail manager.

Trying to find a job from freelance sites I realized I needed to have my bank account ready to accept transfers. Maybe I also need to register a PayPal account, just in case. Another #insight there.

I think most of my day is ruined by playing offline games. Again. I think my brain is now conditioned to stop working whenever my mother is awake and/or the television is on. I just can’t concentrate on whatever I’m doing if the TV, or… my mom, is emitting noise. Well that excludes actions that require a lot of your concentration such as playing games. So. There. Another #rant albeit relevant. Just so you know it happens every day. Yes, even before when I had work. That must be why I hated making my work hours early. I want it to avoid colliding with the noise emission hours.

I also watched some YouTube. My suscriptions are getting stale. Please upload more vids! #rant

Just a random note I thought up while I started this post taking a dump. If I post two days here with the exact same content, would I not qualify to be a human? #insight


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