September 24, 2014

I’ve made too many mistakes today. It has been a learning experience.

One is my Google Chrome broke, unable to render any text. I tried reinstalling it. And there’s the realization&em;it was broken because of inherited privileges from the shell (Windows Explorer). I opened it from Process Explorer. It was not the first time I opened the shell from Process Explorer, but now I’ve learned to avoid doing that. FYI, opening the shell as a limited user with an elevated Process Explorer doesn’t work and will mess up applications launched from it. To be sure, launch Task Manager (Ctrl+Shift+Esc) and use its launchers. NB: I’m not trying to mock procexp here; it’s certainly a very useful Task Manager replacement, and the bug might be fixed in the future (or already fixed, I don’t know). Aside from that, I also observed Disk Optimizer (or whatever) unable to elevate itself properly in this situation. I don’t think procexp’s launcher assigned proper privileges to the user account (hell, what if it assigned the shell to the null account?) so Chrome wasn’t able to access my user settings properly and Disk Optimizer failed to elevate itself.

Another was that a failed transfer prompted me to overwrite its own copy of on my storage hard disk. It turns out the remaining copy on my computer was already a zero-filled copy. Yep. Gotta love Windows, right?

One thing I hate now about file transfers in Windows is the compare option. If you try to copy or move a file over to another with the same name and select the compare option, if you check only the destination file, the file on the source remains. Like, it should delete it, right? No, it doesn’t. It’s as if you just quit the window in the first place. Freaking useless.


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