September 26, 2014

A non-productive day today.

It kicked off with me not having internet. Usually the indication that my wireless adapter, which frequently breaks down, is when I am able to access my router settings. I was able to access my router settings, which led me to conclude internet’s being awfully slow (rather, non-existent) again. So I played some Mass Effect. After some time, that’s when it hit me—the settings pages were cached in my browser and my wireless adapter was just broken again. I am ashamed of myself.

It takes a power cycle to un-break (fix?) the wireless adapter. Or whatever happens when I re-enable it via the adapters page. I played some more Mass Effect after that before playing LoL.

I finally got all the icon rewards in Ascension. Yes, that includes the Perfect Ascension icon. I am very happy.

Watched some extended TWD, extended YT and some animu.


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